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What We Do

Together, let's support the conscious awakening of humanity!

We create lasting positive impact in the lives of as many people as we can, by reminding humanity to live a life they love in alignment with their purpose by activating the power of their full consciousness being, as the creator of their reality.

We do this by hosting consciousness oriented events. From global meditations, group energy work, to our full-day intensives, multi-day summits & world class conscious retreats. We create grounded experiences, in natural settings which inspire, educate, and connect us all.

Our programs provide information, resources, and education in the practice of conscious energy navigation. Throughout our programs you may be guided through a variety of conscious modalities to tune in, experience your energy, activating your multi-dimensional DNA and creative super powers. We provide a safe loving space for growth, healing and connection reminding you of the magic of your existence.

Individuals attending our events will be guided in shifting their perspectives into alignment with the vibration of love, integrating a cohesive understanding of their existence allowing them to step more easily into a creator mindset.

In doing so we create shifts in the electromagnetic consciousness field of Earth to aid the planet as it ascends vibrationally into a higher frequency and dimension. Let’s awaken others together so that humanity can shift alongside our beautiful Earth.

What We Talk About

Supporting the Consciousness Awakening of Humanity Together

We feature speakers and facilitators who cover subjects or provide experiences involving but not limited to the application of subjects such as:

Energy, Frequency & Vibration | Applied Quantum Mathematics | Chakras | Energy Work | Business | Success Mindset | Breath Work | Healing Traumas | Inner Child Healing | Thoughts | Emotions | Health | Wealth | Manifestation | Alchemy | Consciousness | Channeling | A whole lot more

Awakening Quantum Beings

Through sharing our life experience, the lessons we have alchemized, the modalities we have developed or learned, and the tangible tools we use daily, Spirit Connect provides a wealth of valuable, life altering education and experience. Aside from our life stories we will show you how to step into alignment yourself, through the various modalities available in our programs.

Our event tracks may vary and are dependent on the present energy. We work to flow the energy to match and harmonize the experience for everyone. We will guide you through modalities and integrations and explain everything as needed so that everyone can be as fully immersed in the experience as possible.

We work everyone's energy together through various exercises. For example, we might do a breathwork exercise that will allow us all to breath as one, experiencing oneness first hand. To be one with a group brings awareness to energy and is one reason why we often work in groups. Energy work is amplified by each individual in the space.