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An overview of the Spirit Connect Community Network. Our network is comprised of groups, organizations or individuals who are aligned with or supporting the Spirit Connect Vision & Mission. This includes the facilitators who staff our Summits, our Sponsors, Partners and a collection of recommended resources.

Lagunitas Organics Sanctuary

Spreading love and sharing a grounding experience within nature. Lagunitas Organics Sanctuary grows high vibrational Aura wands made with Lavender, Sage, and Rosemary. Wrapped intentional with Reiki to Balance your Chakra system and Full Energetic body. We always begin our circles with our Aura Wands.

Lagunitas Sanctuary strives to make a difference in our community by creating safe spaces for others to explore to deep within oneself by reconnecting with nature and their Soul-f.

Special Thanks to Lagunitas Sanctuary for Sponsoring Spirit Connect’s Baja California MX Summit location along with Lavender, Sage & Rosemary Aura Wands for all our events and ceremonies.

Tech Fire's Quantum Marketing Initiative

Tech Fire is revolutionizing the marketing space by implementing New Earth strategies into brand presentation and client acquisition. Applying the principles of the Reality Creation Process to business in their Quantum Marketing Program they are supporting conscious New Earth brands, healers, and the awakened community implement ethical, conscious marketing strategies that bring results that matter.

Special Thanks to Tech Fire for sponsoring all of Spirit Connect’s technology, hosting, and marketing needs including the Spirit Connect Community Platform

Transcnd Co

Transcnd is a multi-dimensional new earth brand incubator.

Lead by New Earth Business Consultant Ara Iglesias. Ara is a facilitator and keynote presenter at many of our Summits & Events.

Special Thanks to Transcnd & Ara for supporting Spirit Connect with resources and New Earth strategies.

All One Consciousness

All One Consciousness provides programs that utilize the tools of meditation, conscious breathing, sound healing energy healing techniques, unique courses, plant medicines, events, and worldwide retreats that align the individual with their true purpose.

They provide the education, resources, guidance, and support whether on day one or decades into your spiritual path; and especially if you are on no path at all! We have personally seen how they show up for anyone who wants to realize their full potential on all levels.

Special Thanks to Papa Guru & Aralia with All One Consciousness for their collaborations and the sessions and presentations they facilitate at many of Spirit Connect’s Summits & Events.

Ashtar Command Ground Crew

The Ashtar Command is an elite organization that works alongside the Galactic Federation of Light, which has come together for the sole purpose of overseeing the safety and spiritual development of Earth and all her inhabitants. It is composed of various Races and Species from throughout this Universe as well as some from other Universes. We here on Earth are known as the ground crew.

Join us as we spread our messages through our books and other various resources the Command deems most important for this time.

Special Thanks to Cassy & Gracie with the Ashtar Command Ground Crew for their collaboration on CE5 Events and Starseed Resources.

Quantum Shift with Lee

About Quantum Shift with Lee.

Maraea Davis

About Maraaea Davis

Ann Sizer with Blu Lotus Reiki

Ann is an Intuitive Healer Guided by Pure White Source Energy. She is a certified Usui Reiki Master. She is the owner and operator of Blu Lotus Reiki with Ann. Ann believes it is our mission to guide others toward united polarity, to give voice to those who have forgotten the words that our souls once knew. It is with Love that we shall heal the wounds of self and Earth, this is no simple task, we have a great journey ahead; however, Source is guiding the way.

Ann holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Sciences, Certified in Addictions, and is an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church. She is currently pursuing her Master’s of Science Degree in Mind Body Medicine; however, this is not what motivates her, she finds drive in the life experience she gained while attempting to find her path on this glorious journey to higher vibration living and it is through this knowledge, she wishes to share the vibrations with others on their journey via Reiki and sound bowls.

Bubble Therapy with Jewellee

After a long career working in the healthcare field, I took the leap to start caring for myself. I found bubbles, or should I say that they found me, and in a matter of a few years the healing that I have experience through bubble therapy has helped me change my life and the lives of others that I have had the opportunity to share this magic with.

My connection to source and the joy of life that I have now is so immense and fills my heart with so much love and gratitude! I am passionate about spreading love, light, and joy, one bubble at a time encouraging others to release their inner child and do the same.

Running Waters Homestead

About Running Waters Homestead

I Am with Deryl Vannostrand

About I Am