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Connecting Conscious Souls

It's time to answer the call!

Together, let's support the conscious awakening of humanity!

Spirit Connect Summit exists to support the awakening of humanity to our true divine nature. We are here to remind you to tune in to your inner being and connect in oneness with all life and the cosmos.

Our focus is sharing tools from our experiences which you can use to align your frequency, raise your vibration, and integrate with your expanded state of consciousness (aka higher self).

Our passion is to assist you in accessing, accelerating and integrating your soul's true and nature purpose, living a life you love, even if you feel you don’t know enough about energies, frequencies, vibrations or other spiritual or energetic topics.

We do this through hosting focused conscious retreats, events, summits, and intensives in beautiful natural settings which inspire, educate, and connect us all.

Let's unite!

It is time to gather as a community of spiritual beings, starseeds, light workers, healers and awakened souls who feel ‘the call’ to assist the transition of earth and humanity to higher frequencies of consciousness.

Are you inspired to be a part of a consciousness development community that aims to build spiritual integration centers & sanctuaries where others can come to experience healing and expansion of mind, body & spirit?

We invite people from all walks of life to come together as ONE, to make this world a better place.

Shift your perspective on spiritual connection

Spirit Connect Summit is a safe space for the expansion of mind, body and spirit for our individual and collective purpose so that we can thrive.

As an awakened community we can heal, connect, grow, build and inspire a new earth that will sustain generations to come.

Ultimately we are creating a safe space for growth, healing and connection amongst the awakened community, strangers and friends alike.

This is a place of spiritual freedom, unimpeded by the negative cycle that we see each-other go through in our daily lives. A place to physically get away and break those cycles, a place to heal, ground, connect, just be yourself... and maybe even find yourself.

Please join the Etayowa community where we host weekly live meditations and other activities!

Hi there friends, family & galactic beings!

Would you like to join a thriving community of light workers, healers and leaders who are passionate about creating New Earth communities and systems? If you said yes then our communities weekly live meetups and meditation night is for you!

Each week is lead by a different New Earth leader in the community. Drop your name and best email below and I’ll send you an invitation to the Etayowa.Life App platform where we host these live sessions! I’ll also share some other resources to support you in creating a life you love as a thank you for being part of my community!

Etayowa is an ancient frequency which means “A space for all that is love and all that is life”!

I love you! I hope you love you!

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